Monday, June 18, 2012

Saddle up!!!

After much debate and a lot of valuable time spent on Pinterest (doing research of course)....I finally decided on a 'theme' for next year and got started. I'm going WESTERN! Yee haw!!! I imagine it won't be much of a stretch for me, being as I'm definitely the country girl at school and this theme puts me SO in my element!!!
I started off my theme makeover with a trip to Joann's Fabric. I found a cute "wild west" print, a "cow hide" print and for my BIG bulletin board, black glitter felt.
Once paired up with a cutesy border, I think they are going to make really cute bulletin boards.
The one above I think I am going to make into my 'reading corner' and it's going to eventually say, " Wanted: Really Good Books". I am going to make up a cute paper they can fill out in place of a book report and we will display it here.

This one, I have to admit, I'm kind of at a loss for what to do with ......I was thinking I would use it for my Daily 5...but I found a cabinet that will be much more accessible and will work for that. So, I'm throwing around the idea of either 1) a focus board or 2) another place to display work.
So, consider that a work in progress.

This one turned out a LOT cuter than it looks in the picture. Its black felt with glitter.....which immediately made me think of STARS....which immediately made me start singing in my head, " The stars at night, are big and bright (clap clap clap clap) Deep in the Heart of Texas......"
Yeah, I dork. Hey, at least I wasn't singing it out loud!!! Anywho, I'm planning on using that in the title somehow and taking the kids pictures and putting them on 'stars' (or stars that resemble sheriff badges....still debating) and displaying their work. I hate using this board as a word wall because is so hard to get to....(notice the computers) which thankfully were pulled away from the wall so they could about hitting it at the right time!!!

And another super-cute pinterest inspired find (actually I made it!!)....The banner for my window....still a work in progress....Incase you can't read it  says, " Welcome Ya'll" (did you read that in your best Paula Deen voice like I do?)

I'm thinking that window is gonna need some 'spicing up'....but the summer is young.
And I've only just begun......

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