Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Daily 5

I'm excited this year about using the Daily 5! I've done something similiar in past years, but after reading both of their books, I decided that I would implement it full-force because it just made sense! Some teachers have difficulty 'letting go' or not making a zillion worksheets or stations to change out weekly. I don't have that smarter not harder, I say! I do plan to 'tweak' it to fit my needs,though. I plan on making my 5 be:
1. Read to Self/Someone else
2. Word Work
3. Work on writing
4. Computer literacy (which will be either keyboarding or listening to books on our website links)
5. Craftivity- I NEVER have time to get these cute little things in , so I am going to make it part of the block because I feel that following directions and some of the fine motor skills that come with making 'cutesy', (but educationally sound) stuff is essential !!!

I love the idea of breaking the block up and teaching focused mini-lessons. I also love the idea of teaching a strategy instead of the ol' "everybody grab the same reader and let's echo read even though YOU need phonics work and YOU need comprehension work because you're on the same reading level" idea! Phew!

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