Friday, June 15, 2012

New Year, New Blog, New Cards!

Okay....admittedly blogging is probably WAY easier to do in the summer months than in the hustle and bustle of the chaos that comes with a new school year. I TOLD myself last year I would do it...and didn't.
I'm a faithful follower of several blogs. Some I read for tips. Some I read for ideas. Some I read just to make me laugh. I admire them. I really do! It takes time, creativity and dedication to post things on a semi-regular basis and several of those I follow do it almost daily!!
But this year, is a new year. And just like that yearly pledge to lose weight in January when I'm feeling a bit like a stuffed hog  overfed, I am setting a goal...and hopefully I will do it!!!
I'm super excited about this year! Its our second year with our new principal, and while I adored the 'old' principal, (okay, former....hate it when I get called the OLD teacher)...this principal has brought a whole new string of ideas and thinking in her first year and I am REALLY excited to see what she does in her second year.
The first of which changes has thrown me and my over-preparedness-at-the-beginning-of-the-year for a loop......our team leader meeting wasn't at the end of the school's at the beginning of this school year. Which means I can't overplan, overprepare....overdo for my first few weeks. (Deep breaths, deep breaths)
I'm sure it will be okay...although, admittedly I have had nightmares involving major changes to schedules, grade levels and even teaching staff being sprung on me the day before school starts. Those are the kind of nightmares that make me wake up in a cold sweat!
Luckily, after knowing her a year, I really don't think we're in for THAT kind of change. I'm approaching it with a postive attitude and realizing that all the changes she HAS implemented so far have been for the better.
Meanwhile, I found a really good deal thanks to one of our substitute teachers. Its a deal on business cards. Our district does not print us business cards...and until recently I haven't found a need for them. However, when 'networking' with other teachers, I have found occasion where a business card would have come in handy. I have seen other teachers use them in the same fashion my hairdresser make appointments. I thought it was a great looks professional, and well, we ARE professionals! has a selection of cards you can get for FREE (yes, FREE) and you only pay the shipping on. 250 cards for free is nothing to sneeze at! They also have a sale going on currently where you can get an even BIGGER selection of cards really CHEAP! I took them up on both offers. I got two totally different sets of  cards. One I envision handing out for 'networking' purposes. The other I envision using for parent teacher conference scheduling and parent contact info purposes.

Does anyone else out there use business cards?? If you do and want a good deal, check out!

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