Saturday, June 30, 2012

ABCs of the Wild West

I have mentioned before that I am going with a "Western" theme this year. I'm so excited about some of the neat things I find at the teacher stores, online and Pinterest! It's going to give my room a cute, fresh look this year!!! My motto last year was " I am NOT spending another dime decorating this room...I spend too much as is!" motto THIS year is, " I spend more time here than at home, might as well make it look cute and inviting!!"

One of the things I RIPPED off my wall this year (partially because I was just SICK of looking at it) is my alphabet cards. We teach cursive in 2nd grade.
 I love it and hate it.
Some kids are ready for it.
Some are not. But isn't that true with ANYTHING!!
Some are still trying to figure out how to print.
Some have print that is a hot mess, but their cursive is like a work of art! Go figure!
I've found that because of the varied levels of development, I have to give them visuals for the manuscript and cursive alphabets. Which means two sets of alphabet cards.
I've shopped.
I've looked.
Nothing caught my eye.

So, I decided I could make my own, print them off on thick cardstock and laminate them. (Come July 23rd that poor laminator is going to be SO overworked!)

I decided I didn't want the 'usual' alphabet. I wanted to expose the kids to different words these letters were in....something that went along with my theme. Well, I got stuck on the letter "D'....didn't want to do the typical "dog" I went on a google search and found Cowboy Bob's Cowboy Dictionary page....THANK YOU Cowboy Bob, whoever you are! Long story short, I now have a 'western theme' alphabet line that shows manuscript AND cursive!! YAY!
Feel free to snag! I have the jpeg version here, if you need pdf, email me....didn't want my font to mess up!!
Later Pardners!

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  1. I would love the PDF version. I'm doing a western theme this year. My email is Thanks