Friday, June 22, 2012

Hold the Alarms, please!!!

Yesterday I posted my Daily 5 (tweaked version) posters that will go with my Western Theme. I laminated them yesterday and put them up on my favorite bulletin board ....the 'cow hide print' one! They looked SUPER cute! Still have some 'tweaking' to do before it's where I want it to be and picture-worthy, but it's coming along....or was....until I realized that yesterday was the last day for office staff to be in until JULY 23rd!!!!
 THEN our office manager broke the REALLY bad news to me.....our precious janitor isn't going to even be at the school until then!


That means if I want to come up to the school to work, I have to ....gulp.....DISARM the alarm.

Now I didn't tell many people last year about my alarm fiasco....and I hesitate to do so now...but it is quite funny....well, not really.....I'm still bitter over it....but I'm trying to laugh in spite of it all.
LAST year, about the 2nd week of school, I knew I was getting WAY I decided I would come up on a Saturday and take my time working in my room. I'm a team leader. I had the alarm code....complete with step-by-step instructions on how to disarm and arm the alarm.
I mean, how HARD could it be??? I can operate a three ring circus of seven year olds while documenting RTI, supporting my SpEd accomodations, and conferencing with a parent on the phone all at the same time. A simple seven digit alarm code should be NOTHING, right???

So, I go into the building and head into the office....I punch in the code and ......NOTHING.....still beeping. GULP......I do it again...maybe I missed a number....NOTHING. I start sweating profusely...picturing the police busting through the door at any moment, throwing me to the ground and handcuffing me for wanting to organize my stations for the week!
I try it a third and fourth time....knowing that precious window of beeping is about to be up.

Just about the time I determine I am probably Huntsville-bound for breaking into my own place of employment, I get the bright idea to call my office manager. No ANSWER!!! WHAT????
So, I get ultra-desperate and decide to bite the bullet and call.........THE PRINCIPAL.

Now I had known her all of 2 weeks. Literally. The old principal,   I would have had NO problem calling....we'd have laughed....she'd have driven up to the school from her house a block away and ....well, heck, she'd have been up there on a Saturday anyway.....but she wasn't the principal there anymore...and my new principal....had a outside of SCHOOL. Which meant she was NOT up there on a Saturday.

I call her and she answers right off....turns out she's sitting at her son's soccer game. I tell her the problem....she tells me to punch in HER code. I do....NOTHING. Hmm....head scratcher. She says try it again....I do. NOTHING. She says she will call security (instantly spawning pictures in my mind of Bon Qui Qui and 'sah-cur-it-ee').....and let them know my dilemma so they can call off the SWAT team. Phew!

I sit down and look around the office....and THEN notice ANOTHER inside the foyer door. I walk over and punch in the code and ....the beeping stops! "ALARM DISARMED".....good grief!
 I had been punching in the code on the FIRE PANEL....not the alarm. When they renovated they moved it....and I didn't pay attention or didn't care or wasn't told because I wasn't important enough.....either way, I felt like a MAJOR IDIOT!!!! I'm sure school security got a major laugh out of watching me punch in a code and sweat it out on the FIRE PANEL.......

So now, I have an adversion to going up to the school if I have to be the one to disarm the alarm.
Which means, in short, I am homebound until July 23rd......

No fear....I brought my TEs home (snuck them out past the office manager) I could get some planning done! SHHH! Don't tell!

All this to say.....I created locker tags. I know....I should yell "Squirrel" because really that story had nothing to do with my cutesy western locker tags other than the fact that the laminator will be getting a break until July 23rd.

The font I use is called " Alpha Rope" and is, by the way, available FREE through
Which I use to get most of my cutesy fonts. LOVE that site!!! You have to download that font to see the names in that font....if not, Googledocs does something funky with the font....way beyond my tech savvy understanding!

Anyway, I created these in power point and put in a sample First name Last name spaceholder so I could make sure everything fit okay!!!
Feel free to use....assuming I post them correctly!! Still new at this....bare with least this blog is not alarmed!!!

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