Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Word Walls

This is a subject that I have spent WAAAAAY too much time thinking about. I've tried different things. I've tried different locations......I have even tried NOT having one (that lasted a week).
It has uses (if you SHOW the kids how to use it.....and hold them to it!)
I'm talking about word walls.
I have a bulletin board I COULD use for it.
That is, if I didn't mind climbing over 7 computers to post words on it.
( I do, by the way, mind that!)
My acrobatic skills are not what they used to be.....and principals tend to go into spasms when they walk in my room and I am perched and climbing like a howler monkey!

I saw THIS.....

On pinterest, which took me to a blog called Kindergarten Smiles.

I liked the way she categorized the words. I could do that! I liked the way the folders were accessible to students when they needed them, but not taking up precious wall space. I could do that too!

I am considering making a 2nd grade version of this. I am also debating making a word wall to use with my interactive "not as smart as yours" board.
I told you I was spending WAY too much time on this!
So, how do you use word walls in your classroom??? How often do you change them? Add to them?
How do you categorize them?!?

This thinking is giving me a headache. I think I am gonna go grab a Diet Coke and a few Oreos (the diet coke will cancel out the oreo calories, right!?!) and take a brain break!!!

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  1. Diet Coke and Oreos...of course the calories cancel out each other! :) My word wall has become more of word walls...I label everything in my room so our words are everywhere. Like, I took pictures of of most of the restaurants in our area and I store them in a basket so that the kiddos can grab them when they need them....think I'll post on this once I get my room set it makes more sense!

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