Saturday, July 7, 2012

Daily 5 chapter 3

Okay.....I admit it!
I've gotten pretty behind on my Daily 5 book study!
So, today I am catching up with everyone else and putting my two cents in on Chapter 3, "What's the Difference? Key materials, concepts and routines for launching the Daily 5".
I TOTALLY plan to implement this system from day ONE!!
The sisters talk about......
* A gathering place- I have ALWAYS had a gathering place in my classroom. At first, I called it 'the carpet' as in " Class, come to the carpet please." and out of habit, I did that after the renovation,to which one of my little darlings pointed out, " Ms. Skipper, the carpet is EVERYWHERE" I had to rename it (and even harder, had to RETRAIN myself to call it something different) now it's our "Meeting Spot". No matter how many times I rearrange my room, I always make sure that spot is in the same place...accessible to everything I  will need .

*Good fit books- I previously posted my poster (made to fit my theme) and plan on doing the 'shoe lesson' (complete with cowboy boots).... just like the sisters talked about! They are GENIUS for coming up with this concept because I always had those little darlings that walk around with Harry Potter while they can't even decode See Spot Run simply because they want to 'save face' in front of their friends. This lesson lets everyone know that just like shoes, we all have our own needs/preferences/styles of books and its NOT okay to comment negatively on someone else's choice!

'*Anchor charts- While just a  few of these will be pre-made, most of these will be created with students and then (due to lack of wallspace) will be 'shrunk' into a regular page size (and cutesied up) and put in my anchor chart holder (aka a towel holder) which I got the idea off of Pinterest....(sorry, but the pinterest link to the original source doesn't work, but here is the picture)

*Practice and using the correct/ incorrect models- I can only IMAGINE how many incorrect example givers I will have to choose from!!!

*Calm signals and check in- I have been on the lookout for cheap chimes.....and found this....
for $11!!!! That's cheaper than what I found at Wal-Mart and Target.......if you want the link, click

Happy shopping!

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