Tuesday, July 10, 2012

If I Get Hit By A Bus....

One of my former principals used to love to say, " If I get hit by a bus, the person replacing me should be able to come in and pick up where I left off." One of THE hardest jobs on the planet is a substitute teacher. I know. I've done it.
You come in to someone else's routines and rules.
You come in to a sometimes not-so-willing audience.
You are often time given busy work to dole out and its not the most engaging work in the world!
This is the time everything will go wrong.....fire drill, kid throwing up, quiet kid turns into class clown, new student enrolls....you name it...Murphy's law is in full effect when you are the sub!

My hat goes off to them! I have been BLESSED with some REALLY good subs! I've also had a few who left me scratching my head wondering why they bothered to show up!!!
I TRY not to be absent...but, hey, life happens!
And when it does, I want to be prepared.....and make it as easy for the person filling my shoes as I can!
So, I have a sub binder. It is the go-to resource for any sub I have. Now, I will say that my sub plans are usually VERY detailed...but the more information you can leave them on your students and routines, the easier it will be. This is the sub binder from last year....there will naturally be some changes, but this will give you an idea of what I put in it!

How do you prepare for subs?

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