Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Displaying student work

Yay! Today I went up to school and my carpets were DONE!!! Which meant I got to move my desks around and arrange my room! Until I get that done, it feels like I can do NOTHING!

SO, I got a LOT accomplished today....and may go back tomorrow and do more!!!

One of the things I did was tear down the ratty old number line (I'm looking to purchase a new one) that was under my whiteboard, and sat and thought and thought and thought about how to use that space!

THEN I remembered seeing several ideas of how other teachers display student work in their classroom. I NEVER have enough wallspace, so I thought the best use of this space would be to display student work.

I'm already planning on having 23ish kids. Maybe 24. At least until our numbers solidify and we get to hire a 5th teacher......SO, I figured I may as well go ahead and count on it!

I had several ideas about how to display work....and all of them would have required me purchasing stuff....which I am trying to avoid right now. Did I mention I'm a teacher and I'm broke all the time?!?

I figure if I can use what I have, then why buy something?
So, what do I have??? TONS of construction paper....almost every color.
I thought about using different colors....but I want to stick with my cowboy theme....and the bulletin board on that wall uses cow hide print and red. SO, I went with red.
I put up 24 pieces of red construction paper, used brown construction paper to haphazardly cut strips to make "frames". Then I made some badges on my handy dandy computer and put student numbers in them and then printed them, laminated them and put them up!
Its a lot of red.....and I'm debating if its TOO much red, but as I sat and stared at the complete project, it kinda grew on me........what do you think???

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  1. I love it!! That was such a cute/good idea. It looks very nice! I might have to borrow it, but where I would put it I sure don't know. My room is very small and I have but so much space. I am using a lot of red in my room too. Oh well, I think it will be alright. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am your newest follower!!
    Ms. Jones’ Junction