Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Only Profession...

Well, as a few people pointed out to me, its been a while since I posted anything. Almost a year, to be exact.
Sometimes life throws us changes unexpectedly...some we are prepared to deal with, others catch us totally off guard. Last year was definitely one of those years that caught me off guard. I guess I owe my blogging audience a bit of an explanation, so here is last year in a nutshell:
   *My youngest son shipped off to Marine Corps bootcamp and I ended up spending oodles of my spare time engrossed in all things Marine Corps. I got very involved in some Marine MoM groups and ended up blogging and writing for a few of their websites.

     *Schoolwise, it was a tough year with a very challenging class, very demanding parents and me feeling at times I was losing my sanity. Some years are just like that.
     *I unexpectedly lost my dad and spent the better part of my second semester trying to wrap my head around that new reality. Nothing can prepare you for it, and no matter how much you try to keep your school and personal life separate, there are things that change us so profoundly that it touches all aspects of our lives.
     *After a failed three year relationship and breakup, I finally met my soulmate and, as of last week, I married my best friend. I also gained a "bonus daughter" (I hate the term stepdaughter) who is 9 years old and reminding me how much energy it takes to be a parent!

 So, with all that said, I had pretty much decided the blog could go by the wayside. That is until I received the sweetest email from a new teacher asking me to consider blogging again because she used some of my ideas and advice. I am aware enough of the education blogging world to know I am a very small fish in a big pond, but if this last year has taught me anything, it has taught me that God puts people in our paths for very real, very necessary reasons. I learned this through several students I had last year, my son becoming
a United States Marine and allowing me exposure to that very different world, the passing of my dad in a way that I feel could not have been orchestrated by happenstance or coincidence but was truly a showing of God's grace, and the fulfillment of my heart and family by bringing the most amazing man and bonus daughter into my life. And so, I am committed to take up my school blog again. Bear with me....and take away from it what you will.
   And for that sweet girl who sent me the email that brought this full circle for me, Thank you. As one of my favorite teacher
 friends used to point out to me, teaching is the ONLY profession that you get a fresh start every year.For that, I am grateful.

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